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Search Engine Optimization

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SEO Packages that Fuel Lead Generation

At this point in modern marketing, most businesses and brands are aware of the need for SEO packages with qualifiable outcomes. Understanding what SEO is and why they need it is a whole other feat. Sure, SEO improves website searchability and overall visibility but what does that mean? It means a larger audience is going to find your website, discover your brand, and potentially become a customer. Here’s why.

Why is SEO Important for Businesses?

Search Engine Optimization, affectionately known as SEO, profits businesses from small to large, B2B to B2C, and everyone in between. Most importantly, SEO benefits your customers. Searching before buying has become a habit of more than 90% of B2B buyers according to Accenture. With information at their fingertips, buyers are taking the initiative to become informed on the products they are buying and the brands they are buying from.

Building Trust and Credibility Through SEO

SEO builds trust and credibility. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer looking for a potential metal fabrication partner. Are you going to search the web for custom welding services and scroll to the bottom of the results? Most likely, you’ll scroll past the ads and click on one of the first 4 results. Digital Engine’s expert SEO services will get you there.

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SEO Content Marketing: Why it Works.

Your website is essentially the door of your business and SEO brings knocking customers. Top search engines, such as Google, have learned how to produce favorable user experiences based on what they are searching for. In turn, our SEO experts understand how search engines interpret results along with your buyer’s pain points and needs. When your customer opens the door to your website, they’re going to find what they’re looking for because of SEO. This results in a positive customer experience.

Research is part of the buyer’s cycle. From something as simple as checking reviews and features to taking the time to learn specific processes. One of the largest advantages as a customer is being confident in the product or service you invest in before you open your wallet. Successful SEO content marketing takes this information and makes it visible to your customers.

In short, potential customers have a question, pain point, or need. They ask a search engine to show them the solution. SEO puts your business at the top of the list.

Components: How Does SEO Work?

Our SEO experts are successful because they understand what your audience is looking for, optimize content accordingly, and promote it. Digital Engine kicks the process off by getting to know your target customer. Only then can we truly build a custom SEO strategy for your specific business and objectives.

Search Engine Optimization is a complex process with many technical ins-and-outs. For those familiar with the process, check out our SEO Expert Services Explained post. When really broken down, there are five key components:

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Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research

Digital Engine dives into your industry, understanding your customers, your competitors, and trends. We research keywords and phrases that resonate with your audience. Targeting terms that generate high-volume, we pick the terms that can beat competitors and bring in the business.

Website Health

Errors and issues such as broken pages, duplicate content, and broken links all negatively impact SEO. Your site becomes less reputable in the eyes of search engines because of a low website health score. Digital Engine performs an audit of your website, fixing the issues before growing your website.

Design Functionality and Layout

Poor navigation and hindered load speeds are flagged by Google and also dismissed by online users. Fast site speed, clear site maps, and mobile-friendliness are crucial. Google remarked that more searches take place on mobile devices now versus desktop. We develop responsive layouts with optimal user-experience and mobile functionality in mind for heightened SEO success.

Content Creation

Digital Engine determines the most thorough, efficient use of resources to create an effective content strategy and drive results that align with company objectives. We tailor keyword-optimized content to specific buyer personas. In turn, creating well-timed, strategic, and fresh content that engages potential customers and encourages them to take action.

Content Promotion

One of the last, but also one of the most important steps to SEO is promoting it. We increase the quality and quantity of website traffic by amplifying the visibility of the website. Promotion of fresh, optimized content includes high-authority backlinking, schema development, directory optimization, and additional industry-specific SEO tactics.

Your Local SEO Company: Why Digital Engine Does it Better

If you’ve ever been stuck in a dead-end relationship, professionally or personally, you understand how absolutely miserable it is. There’s no benefit, you’re not growing, it’s a waste of time, and it’s a waste of energy. Most notably, it’s holding you back from pursuing something better. With Digital Engine, you never have to worry about that.
Our affordable SEO packages come without the strings attached. A rarity in our industry, we don’t force you into a 2-year, 1-year, or even 6-month contract. Instead, we work on a month-to-month budget. Every single one of our clients work with us because they want to. We bring value, intent, and results to the table.

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