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What is Digital Marketing?

A broad overview of the commonly asked question what is digital marketing?
BY Digital Engine Experts

I’m sure you’ve heard the term thrown around continuously by various companies and department heads, but what really is digital marketing? Better yet, why is it so important that your business utilizes digital marketing strategies?

It’s no secret that the internet and its number of daily users is continuously expanding. Digital marketing is the inclusive term that we use to explain the smorgasboard of marketing efforts expended via the internet to reach these potential customers.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the combination of efforts marketers use via the internet to reach a number of potential customers. Efforts include social media, landing pages, blogging, SEO, and more.

The Evolution of Marketing

To better understand the digital world, it’s best to understand the needs of today’s consumers. Traditional means of marketing simply aren’t as effective as they used to be. The postcards you used to look over in the mail are tossed out and replaced with a newsletter in your inbox. When you think of subscriptions, you think of streaming services and online shopping, not newspapers. So in today’s world, how do we keep up with consumers and the age of convenience? It’s simple. Marketers have to offer equally convenient solutions to reaching their ideal customers.

Touch Points

Digital marketing strategies use various channels to “touch” or reach consumers. Touch points include search engines, social media, email, and websites. Furthermore, each of these channels involve countless tactics, tools and methodology that leverage the momentum necessary to build and connect with their customer base. Needless to say, modern marketing is a hefty task.

The best digital marketing strategies have a distinct vision of how these touch points will work together to achieve the overall goal. Think of digital marketing as a pendulum. The energy from one channel transfers energy to the next and so on. When done properly, the momentum never stops. The goal of a digital marketing strategist is to determine which channels of marketing will be most successful in converting their audience into customers.

Good Digital Marketing Strategies can be thought of as a pendulum -- the energy form one channel transfers energy to the next and so on.

Pendulum: What Is Digital Marketing?

Where to Start

Every marketer has their own take and technique on digital strategy. My personal advice? If you’re trying to kick off digital marketing for your business, don’t try to be the best at everything. Think of it this way: Your goal is to make a dozen cupcakes. The catch is that while you have enough batter for all twelve, you only have enough icing for 6, and sprinkles for 3.

In other words, you want to touch all the tins and make sure you’re firing on all cylinders. A well-built website is up and running, the business can be found in search directories, social media is active, etc. Next, you want to spread on the icing and smooth out the edges that will best-benefit your target audience. Then, you want to strategically place the sprinkles on the channels that will best interact together.

For example, on-page SEO, landing pages, and email campaigns can work well together. On-page SEO answers questions that your audience is asking while gaining the attention of search engines with strategic keywords. The design and content on landing pages engage your audience and encourage them to take action. Lastly, email campaigns drive more traffic by linking to the landing pages and keeping your business at the front of consumers minds.

A Common Denominator

From billboards and tv ads to content writing and social media, one thing must remain consistent -- branding. I don’t mean smack your logo and tagline on everything that you do. I mean you can, but at least be tactful. What I do mean is to continuously be building your brand. In the same way businesses often create a buyer persona, create a business persona. Establish a brand voice, a certain lingo, culture, and style. Think Tiffany blue, the Nike swoosh, Flo from Progressive. Whatever your brand staple is, carry it through in both traditional and digital marketing.

Brand Building is Key

Create a brand voice, recognizable logo, distinct lingo -- whatever it is that is going to build your brand and make it your own. Carry your branding through the differing types of marketing from traditional to digital.

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