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Marketing to C Level Executives

They are the end-all-be-all decision maker. How do you get their attention?
BY Digital Engine Experts

If everyone knew how to market to CEOs and their fellow C-Suiters, we might be out of a job. However, Digital Engine's team is also full of empaths who just want to lend a hand where we can. So here's what we've learned.

Shooting for the attention of the CEO might seem like a ballsy move. However, in a survey conducted by Chief Executive Group, 96% of 500 CEOs consider a key part of their role is to keep an eye out for opportunities that will provide a significant impact on their organization. In our heads we're thinking: "CEOs are looking for solutions, let's give it to them."

96% of 500 CEOs consider a key part of their role is to keep an eye out for opportunities that will provide a significant impact on their organization.

The Right Information, The Right Delivery.

Considering how busy I am in my role as a Brand Development Manager (which I love by the way), I can't begin to imagine the schedule that C-Suite Executives face. Much like us though, they are bombarded by a smorgasbord of advertising everywhere they go. So how do we bypass this?  The solution almost always goes back to knowing how to market to your target audience. CEOs want credible information at their fingertips. Consequently, that information needs to have the answers to the questions they are asking.

For example, are you offering a Salesforce for membership management? Why is your solution better than competitors? What is the impact of your custom Salesforce solution? What statistics and proof do you have to back your claim?

CEOs are looking for credible answers and clear benefits to the questions they're asking and solutions they're seeking.

Additionally, CEOs are looking for a clear benefit not just for their role, but their organization as a whole. It's crucial to provide a clear benefit. Consider the following angles when outlining how your product or service:

  • Helps CEOs and organizations become more effective
  • Propels companies in the direction efficiency and profitability
  • Offers insight on how to drive business growth

It's Not Just What, But How.

Now onto the second half -- The Right Delivery. In the modern world, we're continuously on-the-go. The life of the C-Suite is no different and time management is key. Marketing to C Level Executives must take into account mobile functionality and fast impressions. That means messaging must be clear, concise, and to the point. Yet to mention, design and development play a critical role in delivering that message.

79% of CEOs expect seamless mobile functionality and 91% will not return to a website if poor advertising or user experience impacted their navigation.

After all, why should the C-Suite trust you to make a splash in their organization if yours isn't effective and efficient?

To Wrap It Up...

Marketing to CEOs is about providing relevant content and the solution they need. They want fresh solutions derived from thought leadership that members within their organization haven't provided. Be clear, concise, and to the point on the direct benefits your business provides.  Ensure the message you're trying to deliver makes it into their hands with effective design, development, and SEO strategies. Only then can you catch the ear of a CEO looking to drive efficiency and profitability with your unique offering.



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