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Digital Strategy: Expectations vs Reality

A broad overview of the commonly asked question what is digital marketing?
BY Digital Engine Experts

If you are starting a business or wanting to increase your company’s engagement, digital strategies are essential to think about creating. In the long run, we want customers to find your business organically. However, even the healthiest plants need encouragement whether it's nature's fertilizer or the right amount of rain to get the results you really desire. There are plenty of helpful resources you can use to grow and maintain your customer base. Learning what strategies will help your business grow will help you succeed. 

Managing Expectations

There may be some expectations you have about digital strategies like how marketing and strategy work, but let’s look at the reality of this online world. 

Expectation: I’ll see instant results when I start focusing on advertising and metrics.

Reality: This is more than likely, not true. With any good business, you need to gather a clientele and continually work on growing the number of individuals you reach to have your posts noticed and finally effective.

Metrics show the effectiveness of marketing efforts through insights like impressions and reach. The impression is the total number of times your post has been seen, whereas reach is how many people saw your post.

The Customer Pool is Full

Expectation: Digital strategy and marketing is only for big companies.

Reality: False. Big or small, national or local, people are constantly using the internet and social media. Digital Strategy opens the door to thousands of potential customers at your fingertips. Digital Strategy is key to building your brand and engaging your customer base. 

Engagement is using your digital strategies and content to engage someone and create meaningful connections to potentially increase your business.

The Eeyore

Expectation: I have to spend thousands of dollars to see results.

Reality: Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. It's helpful to think of digital strategy like legos. A bigger budget is going to help you build an impressive structure, faster.  However, if a smaller budget is all you have to work with it's better to start small than with nothing at all. 

The Creativity Excuse

Expectation: Being a creative, unique business is enough; I don’t need additional strategies. 

Reality: We wish, but you should still work on engagement through marketing to broadcast your unique business to increase your reach. Try projecting some of your creativity into the way you brand your company through content to make it stand out to potential customers.


Expectation: The more someone sees my website and posts, the more likely they are to buy my products/services.

Reality: Being consistent with advertising is great, but be cautious about ad fatigue. You don’t want to drive someone’s potential business away. Seeing the same messaging or ad continually or too many posts on social media sites can become annoying to your existing and prospective customers. This can ultimately lead to a customer unfollowing you on social media or result in them not purchasing with you. Find a balance where you advertise just enough to get your company’s name out there without being pushy and annoying.

Ad fatigue is when someone sees your ad too many times, they become blind to it, and it loses its effectiveness.

This effect occurs when someone sees your ad around four or more times

Remember, while growing your business, it is essential to stand out against other companies with not only your products, but the way you market your business will give you another step up from the competition. Get creative and get ready to start planning your digital strategies.

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