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Why All Agencies Should Offer a Free Digital Marketing Consultation

A broad overview of the commonly asked question what is digital marketing?
BY Digital Engine Experts

If you’ve ever been stuck with a lemon of a car, you understand the frustration. What was once fresh and exciting, is now a money hole and pit of anxiety. What’s next? A flat tire, maybe a fender bender. Who knows? Why subject yourself to that dread if you don’t have to? Especially in your professional lives. That’s the beauty of a free digital marketing consultation.

Don’t Get Stuck with a Lemon

Find the best digital marketing partner with the trial that free consultations have to offer. You need a team that is both reliable and capable. If not, it’s in your best interest to explore other options.

The Vehicle You Need

Though obvious, this is such an accurate analogy. The car buying process, much like finding the best digital marketing companies to work with, can be both exciting and daunting. You know there are great perks and features to come with a new car. On the other hand, things can go wrong and end up draining your wallet. So, you do what you can and prepare the best way you know how to with research and active listening. It all boils down to two primary questions and if the answer to both isn’t an overwhelming yes, then it’s in your best interest to walk away.

1. Are they reliable?

Much like a car, your digital marketing partner should be thought of as a vehicle. It is their job to get you from Point A to Point B. Not only are we the vehicle, but we’re also the GPS system. The good marketing partners tell you how they’re going to get you to where you want to go by laying out an action plan and recalculating when necessary.

2. Do they have the features you want?

What you need out of a vehicle is different from what Joe-Schmoe needs. Are we looking for a Super Duty F-250 or an Audi R8? R8’s aren’t known their towing and F-250’s aren’t known for their high luxury. There’s a drastic difference and that’s the point. The best partner for Salesforce Consulting might not be the best partner for Netsuite distributors and that’s okay.

Digital marketing strategies aren’t made with cookie cutters. It takes a different skillset (and mindset) to be experts at SEO than it does to be an evolutionary UX/UI web designer. The beauty is that you can choose what you want. Maybe you go with a high-end SUV so you can pull a boat without having to maneuver a 20-foot vehicle at all times. Or, if you have enough budget to work with, you can get both vehicles and interchange their capabilities. In other words, it’s not unusual for digital marketing companies to collaborate. Regardless, it’s nice to know the skillset and expertise that you’re working with.

The Vehicle That Drives You

Digital Partners are the marketing vehicle that gets you to where you want to be with successful action plans and strategies.

Think Test Drive

The world revolves around giving a little to get a little. A free digital marketing consultation is synonymous with taking your top choice from the dealership home for the night. Before choosing a digital marketing partner, the value brought to the table should be clear. If not, it should be easy to walk away and look into your other options. With the resources we have today, becoming an informed decision-maker is fully accessible.

To be blunt, good marketing companies don’t just take any client they can get. Instead, they focus their efforts on the relationships that are going to fuel mutual benefit: Clients achieve their goals and objectives. Meanwhile, marketers get exposure to successful strategies and branding. A free marketing consultation is good for both sides to see if we’re a good fit. Start trying out your options today with Digital Engine. Access your current search engine standings, brand positioning, and competitive landscape while considering our Action Plan to increase CRO and ROI.

Mutual Benefit

The world revolves around giving a little to get a little. Be sure that your marketing partner brings mutual benefit to the table. Analyze your options with free consultations from various companies to find the best fit for you.

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